Why elope?

In contrast to a big extravaganza style wedding, there are clear benefits to eloping, such as:

  • Stress — basically, there isn’t any!
  • Family drama — ditto!
  • Time and energy — you get to keep more of both!
  • Money — We can come to you for as little as $100.00 (with added mileage charge if your ceremony is outside of the Greenville/Fredonia area). The average cost of a wedding officiant is $225.00 – $500.00, so how do we do it? We keep costs down by keeping it simple — no rehearsals, no counseling, no pre-nup interviews.
  • If you prefer we can provide a small ceremony in our home for $75.00 (save $25.00!). But please note — we have a very small place, and can’t fit more than about four people besides ourselves.
  • No church hoops to jump through.
  • Relaxed & nonjudgmental, everybody’s welcome!
  • You can write your own vows or we can provide your vows for you.
  • Call us or email us if you have questions, like how much the mileage charge would be to do the wedding away from our place or anything else pertaining to the ceremony.
  • We’ve been blessed to provide all kinds of happy couples with respectful, caring ceremonies.
  • Think about it! You can always have the big extravaganza later (if you really want it), but why wait to get legal?
  • Look for us in Mercer County Pennsylvania and nearby counties in northwest Pennsylvania and northeast Ohio.
  • Here’s the phone number: 724-475-4569 (please leave a message if we can’t answer).
  • And here’s the email: dr.spyder (at) icloud.com (Just replace the (at) with @.)

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